Our Team


The “New Destiny Center”(NDC)  is a missions outreach conceptualized by Pastor Peace Ighodaro.

The “New Destiny Center” is designed to deepen the reach out to those in its catchment area and to broaden the scope of services offered.

The NDC project is a nonprofit organization that aims to contribute its quota in the ongoing effort by the Church of Jesus Christ to prepare a growing population of derelict and near wasted generation of young to adult inner city, urban sub-urban and rural youths for the soon second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit of God who is our Leader, Guide, Counsellor, Motivator and Director on this project wishes that we emphasize the following:

• Rehabilitation (physical/economic)

• Mentoring discipleship.

Furthermore, it is our view that more than ever before the “New Destiny” projecgt lies in with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) amongst which is the alleviation and eradication of poverty especially in the Highly indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) of the world.

It is part of our mandate to show Christianity in Action by not only preaching the Good News message of Jesus Christ but also by providing relevant skill acquisition, economic empowerment and reintegration into the political/social life of society.

The management of New Destiny Centre will comprise of a Board of Trustees at the helm of affairs and will be run by volunteer Christian professionals.


At inception New Destiny Center (NDC) will have a three (3) to five (5) person Board of Trustees that will comprise of mature, stable and established Christians who see NDC as part of their Christian calling to a world in urgent need of compassionate reconstruction and reconciliation of lives and to God through the seasoned gospel message of Jesus Christ.​​​​​​​​Experience require that we identify those in part-time pastoral calling, Christian lawyers or attorneys, medical doctors, social/welfare experts, missionaries, accountants or those in related fields such as economics. Business administration and other such related fields.


The missions CEO  will be responsible for the day-to-day running of all operations locally and overseas.  A skeletal secretarial staff will provide back office support to our proposed management.

​The MCEO will be assisted by a treasurer who will provide quarterly financial and its …….. as we intend to maintain the highest level of transparency integrity and good corporate governance in all our activities.


He/She will be responsible for our outreach international centres, the individual will set  …..up to the following:- That all residents are receiving appropriate and adequate attention- That centres maintain appropriate scriptural and doctrinal teaching- That centres maintain the prescribed level of physical/environmental cleanliness and sanitation- That all Quality control standards are maintained- Identification of new areas/location of need in foreign lands.- Finally that all accounting/finance records are kept up to date and within budget.  Our good is to see to it that we maintain the public trust and our fiduciary responsibility to God, our finance/governmental partners at all times.  This officer will report to the Missions CEO.


Our ideal candidate will be responsible for the projection of the good image of our mission.  The individual will see to the following:- That the medial (local/international) receive up to date information about our mission, residents, our programmes and upcoming events e.g. graduation etc.- Also the officer will maintain a close working relationship with all partners, government parastatals, the public /private sector organisations, foreign embassies, other organizations such as ours.- This media/communications officer will update our website, respond to all letters and enquiries from our locality and around the world in general.- Finally our media officer will give us critical feedback from the external environment about areas of improvement etc.

Field Operations Director

Our candidate for this position will require energy, zeal and grace to successfully carry out the responsibilities of this function.  The responsibilities for this office include:- Travelling to the various centres around the country and occasional foreign travel to our foreign centres to make on the spot assessment as to the progress, adherence to Quality control standards, identifyingareas of improving and developing strategies on how to overcome challenges in the field.- The development and preparation of final budgets- Our energetic personnel will oversee all other staff as shown in the organization structure- finally our candidate will be candidate will be responsible for the implementation of Board policies and attainment of all such objectives.


Our  experience in the management of projects such as NDC suggest a very mature, energetic and patient individual who is full of God’s grace.  The duty outline includes the following:- Live on site with the residents on permanent basis- Will provide compassionate discipline and maintain orderliness and high hygiene standards in all the facilities such as bathrooms, toilets, dormitories etc- Will supervise regular attendance at training and skill acquisition workshops- See to individual personal hygiene.- See to attendance at Bible study programmes- Vet and approve exits and visitors to the  centre – Provide feed back to the field operations director etc.


This function is very crucial to our operations and as such requires an adult experienced Medical doctor supported  by a Nurse.  This individual will be responsible for the following:- Medical assessment of all participants, this will include:

• Development of a Bio-medidcal data base on all residents, especially at point of entry

• E.g. HIV/AIDs testm general blood chemistries test for tuberculosis, malaria, chest/lung x-ray

• Narcotic drug dependency e.g. Heroine, Cocaine, Indian Hemp (Hasish)) e.t.c.

• Pregnancy tests etc

.• Prescriptions & treatment of ailing resident who may have skin diseases such as Craw-craw,  scakies  etc.

• Maintain a first aid box/centre for emergencies we also intend to work with auxiliary volunteer nurses from nearby medical hospitals to assist the medical adviser.


This function is central to our ministry as the Bible clearly states “thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light into my path” . Proper grounding in the teaching of the essential tenets of our faith will aid in the “transformation and renewal of the degenerate mind and life” 

Also we affirm that “faith  cometh by hearing…”, it is important that our counselor prepare a diet to aid the new believers steady graduated learning of the Word and Character of God.

The objective here is to teach and test the new believers understanding of God’s plan of salvation, the new life, authority available to the Christian believer, individual preparation of the soon coming of Christ, the power available for decent righteous living and the concrete investment in life in the heareafter or eternity.:

The pastoral counsellor’s work will include- The development of well structured foundation believers scripture based diet, that will include tests to indicate and assess participants progress.- The development of a “Train-the-trainer” program for “cell group” indepth study of the Word of God.- A discipleship program, because it is our expectation that from residents we will identify future workers, missionaries and candidate for Bible school etc.- Officiating at the regular Sunday School and camp/rehabilitation centre church.- Overseeing the children church and finally- Managing all workers and seeing to baptism and the operation of a Christian library resource centre.


Once again, we need to stress that this function requires a dynamic and energetic individual preferably matured female Christian .

The duties of the welfare manager will be as follows:- To arrange for the bulk purchase of essential food items such as basic staples, e.g.  Grits (gari), yam and yam flour varieties, plantain, red oil, groundnut oil etc.- Purchase of mosquito nets to reduce the incidence of malaria.- Purchase of clothes washing/bath soaps, disinfectants.- Although not a pastor, the Welfare Manager will be responsible for the important role of reuniting, reconciling participants with members of their core and extended family over time. This requires 2-way counseling and will be aided by the Pastoral Counselor field operations director, the CEO and others. – Finally, our welfare manager should understand occasional visit to other sites and do an up to date welfare needs assessment package and report to MCEO and the Board.